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Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh

A professional photographer and passionate teacher. From a young age studies overshadowed Jagjit’s love for painting and then work took up most of his time. Within no time, he catapulted his passion for art by turning into a photograph. His love for colors remained, but the medium changed. Photography for him is the work of love, so he gave it all head over heels with it. He has been teaching for past 7 years. Presently  associated with 8 different schools with around 350 students on board. Conducting regular one-on-one basis workshop and photowalks with his students. He has been a guest speaker for may photo societies and groups. His prime focus is landscape, Astro-landscapes, cultural events, travel and classic portraits. His love affair finds peace by experimenting the latest techniques. His work has been showcased in many of the European art galleries and also contributes to Gatty images. He is an official brand ambassador for NiSi Filter India. Another feather is added after he received the international AFIAP distinction. Jagjit truly enchants with his mesmerizing work which leaves others inspired.

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