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This is a full day course designed for those individuals who wish to fast-track their learning in Photography / Cinematography and make a successful career in this field. Students in this course will also explore the craft and technology of cinematography for films, documentaries, TV commercials, and Weddings.  During the program, students will gain a comprehensive range of practical production skills that focuses on Creative development, Writing, Directing, Production, and Editing.

The students by the end of this course will be able to develop all the required skills needed for creating well-exposed, structured images that are technically superior and artistically driven.

The editing softwares that will be covered during this course are:

  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

PHOTOGRAPHY & PHOTO EDITING          (Morning 11AM to 1PM)


Key topics:

  • The core concept of Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic & Manual shooting modes
  • Metering modes and their practical use
  • Composition techniques
  • Basics of Lighting- Colour temperature & Intensity
  • Shooting formats (RAW / JPEG)
  • Dynamic Range
  • History of Photography
  • Types of different Cameras
  • Various types of Camera lenses & Lens mounts
  • Science of Colour- Hue, Saturation & Luminance
  • Image sensor types and their role
  • Autofocusing techniques
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Raw image processing
  • Practical use of Lightroom brushes and presets for landscape and Portrait editing
  • Colour grading techniques in Adobe Lightroom CC

  • Introduction to on-Camera Flash
  • Various techniques to control and manipulate on-camera flashlight
  • The pairing of off-camera flashes via wireless remote trigger
  • Introduction with various types of flash modifiers- Magmod kit, Softboxes, Honeycomb grid, Beauty dish, etc
  • Practical use of Sekonic Light meter
  • Various Light patterns used in Portrait Photography
  • Fashion Photography practical workshop with a professional model
  • Product Photography practical (Group assignment)
  • Introduction with Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Working with layers in Photoshop CC
  • Skin softening and Face retouching techniques in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Photo Manipulation techniques in Photoshop CC
  • Background removal and Sky replacement technique in Photoshop CC
  • Logo Designing in Photoshop CC
  • Applying different grades and colour effects to the Photos in Photoshop CC
  • RAW image processing via the Adobe Camera RAW plugin­­­

CINEMATOGRAPHY & VIDEO EDITING          (Afternoon 2PM to 4PM)


Key topics:

  • Introductory session on the Art of Cinematography
  • Cinematography vs Videography- Technical differences
  • Video shooting formats, resolutions, and codecs
  • Role of fps in video
  • Various Television standards- PAL, NTSC, etc
  • Progressive vs Interlaced scaling methods
  • Composition in films- Shot sizes, angles
  • Practical workshop on various Camera movements- Handheld, Tripod, Slider, Dolly shot, etc
  • Practice with DJI Ronin RS2 Gimbal
  • Manual focusing techniques with Cine lenses
  • Introduction with High CRI Cine Lights for video production
  • Importance and role of various forms of lights used in Cinematography- LEDs, PAR Lights, Kenos, HMI’s, etc
  • Lighting setup, temperature control, and light modification techniques
  • Introduction with log format (S-log2, S-log3)
  • Correct methods of exposing Log footage via exposure tools available in External monitors
  • Introduction with ATOMOS field monitor
  • Role of Bitrate and Chroma subsampling for color accuracy in video
  • An expert session on the various types of microphones and their polar patterns
  • Professional sound recording with RODE NTG-3 shotgun Mic and Lapel Mics
  • The 180-degree rule in Cinematography
  • Multi-camera interview setup and recording with the 180-degree rule applied
  • Student’s Short film project

  • Introduction with Adobe Premiere Pro CC software
  • Proper organization and Media management in accordance with the current industry standards
  • Importing media and working with different file formats
  • Adding, trimming, and replacing clips in the timeline using keyboard shortcuts
  • Use of 3rd party transitions and effects
  • Adding key frames and applying basic animation effects to the text, image/ video files within Premiere pro
  • Techniques for syncing clips from multiple cameras
  • Matching separately recorded audio with the video file from the Camera
  • Proper use of Colour correction tools for making the colours look consistent throughout the whole video
  • Adding text, shapes, and logos to the project
  • Colour correction and grading workflow for S-log2 or S-log3 footage
  • Correct methods of applying LUTs and presets to the log footage
  • Basic techniques for dealing with issues related to audio for eg: Background noise, echo, rumble, hissing, etc
  • Export options- Complete understanding of video codecs, bitrate settings, file extensions, and audio channel output options available in the export window.
  • Short movie premiere

Duration 60 days

160 Hours - Mon to Fri

15 Students Max

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