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Yes you are, because there is no minimum education requirement for any of our courses, however we expect you to have basic English reading and writing skills so that you can take notes during lectures. Anyone over the age of 15 is eligible to join.
If you are a hobbyist and wish to learn basic photography, the One month Photography course should fulfill your need but if you are keen to learn more advanced and professional techniques of taking Photographs / Videos plus the Color grading, Color correction and Editing techniques then you should opt for our 3 months Cinematography program.
No, our courses are designed to take you from wherever you are now to wherever you want to go. We assume no prior training. Our photography classes starts with the basics and gradually builds to more advanced skills and techniques.
Absolutely not, we have both morning and evening sessions. We are the only Photography academy in Chandigarh which provides flexible timings. You can join whichever session suits you the best.
The 3 months Cinematography program will automatically cover all the basic photography syllabus so if you are interested to learn both you only need to pay the fees for our 3 months certificate course.
It is not a mandatory requirement however we strongly suggest you to have your own Camera so that you can practice Photography/Filming in your free time and also be able to do the tasks given to you as a homework.
Procolor school of Photography is the only Film academy in Chandigarh with state of the art technology and the best infrastructure to give you the exposure you need to become an expert in the field of Photography or Film making. We use the latest Sony alpha, Sony Pro and Canon Cameras to train our students in both outdoor and studio environment.
Mr. Gagan Singh is leading our school as a Chief mentor. He is an Australian qualified Cinematographer with 9 years of industry experience. Mr. Gagan is also a former Assistant professor at Chandigarh University.
Yes ofcourse, we provide certificates to all of our students who successfully complete their studies with us. Procolor as a production house has a legacy of 40 years and our certificates are recognized all across North Indian states & territories.
Yes, we are the only Photography institute in Chandigarh that provides a guaranteed 9 months internship to its students after the successful completion of the 3 months Cinematography course with us.
As people are becoming more aware and the industry is growing bigger & bigger so are the opportunities. Depending upon your personal interest or skill you can choose to become either a Fashion photographer, a Wedding photographer/ cinematographer, a Film/Documentary maker, Photo/Video Editor, Colorist, or start creating your own content for social media including Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.
Yes we do, depending upon the number of students enrolled and the availability of our guest faculties we do provide the following workshops from time to time-
-Photography workshops in Chandigarh
-Fashion Photography workshops in Chandigarh
-Wedding Photography workshops in Chandigarh
-Film making workshops in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana
-Cinematography Workshops in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. -Video editing workshops in Chandigarh
-Photo editing workshops in Chandigarh
-Mobile photography workshops in Chandigarh
-Advanced color correction workshops in Chandigarh and Punjab.
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