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Weekend Photography Workshop in Chandigarh

We’re a country that reveres cinema. Film making is a major part of the culture and economy alike. We revel in the fashion trends it sets and the stories it regales. Cinematography by definition is the art of camerawork in film-making. It’s the very heart of the process. Francis Ford Coppola once famously said , “I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.” One of the greatest directors of all time made a pin point claim about the art of film-making workshops. It’s magic for it stirs emotions. A great cinematographer can make an average story seem extraordinary . While a great story sits to often be disappointed by below-average cinematography. The camerawork is at the heart of the entire process. The knowledge of aesthetics of color, lighting and angles and a multitude of other things. With smartphones capable of shooting high definition images and record 4k videos even amateur enthusiasts can shoot videos and make short-films with the right knowledge of the art.


PROCOLOR Photography Academy actively indulges in hosting film making workshops in Chandigarh round the year. We take up the very fundamentals of the aesthetics of capturing a video and the right angles to get the shot. The basic functionalities that bypass a general camera user and introduce to you the various complex settings you could indulge in to get that perfect shot.  PROCOLOR Photography Academy is a premier film-academy in Chandigarh. With a faculty that has years of on-set experience numerous commerical and non-commercial film shoots. You are guaranteed excellence and a platform to turn your passion for film making into a lucrative profession. PROCOLO Academy allows you a step in this competitive industry arming you with the right tools and knowledge to excel.

film-making workshops


A course like never offered before! Are you a photography enthusiast who wants to take better pictures with the camera you always carry, your phone? Then this mobile photography course might be God-sent for you.

A photographic course with theoretical and practical exercises and certainly the best tips to click stunning photos for your blog, website or social media platforms! Take the course to learn the techniques for making the most beautiful photos with your smart-phone.


Wedding photography embeds huge potential for professionals. Photographers with an ability of project management, shooting and editing and other aspects of the photography make a long-term career in this field. However, all this becomes possible with the training that they receive to specialize in their field.

Our wedding photography course allows you to direct your skill towards being a specialist in the job. We ensure that you gain the necessary confidence to go out and work as a professional.

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